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Moroccan Negafa turns me into a queen...

Moroccan negafa
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Salam to all of you,

And if I embarked you today on board my 747 towards the future, but before that, a small stopover by a decisive stage of life, the marriage, and for our marriage, everyone knows it girls, it is necessary to be the most beautiful...

Since I was a little girl, I have attended Moroccan marriages where I see these women full of "grip", present throughout the evening and accompanying the bride in her every move, in fact she was "part of the decor" but why were they there? What was their "mission"?

Moroccan Negafa

negafa wedding

It's simple, obviously the wedding is one of the most important evenings of our lives, and for that you have to be at the top, and to be at the top you have to have :

  • the most beautiful dresses,
  • the most beautiful ornaments
  • the most beautiful crowns etc... etc...

And as our great-great grandfather is not called Croesus, we can't buy all these beautiful things at our expense...

So like Cinderella, instead of going to the ball with a dress made by little mice, we call on our godmother the Negafa 😆

The idea is that the negaffa is equipped with a lot of dresses, jewels, veils and other rhinestones and sequins, it also has, most of the time, the traditional "3amaria" which allows to carry the bride or groom during the ceremony.

And you, princess for a night, you just have to arrive to choose your outfits and accessories and wait for the D-day

hamaria 3amaria morocco

After, like any service, there is a cost and a quality that will depend on the negafa chosen, so be careful not to make a mistake because we have no right to error for this unique day ....

In addition, you should know that some negafas are very versatile, so they can change you completely from outfit to outfit, makeup and hairstyle to match each Caftan.

makeup kim kardashian

I have done a little tour of the web to be able to advise you on some negafas but unfortunately the choice is very limited.

I had a hard time finding a Moroccan negafa that offers a choice of "recent" or original Caftan, because the fact is that even if the beauty remains in the simplicity and subtlety, it is important to wear dresses that are a little different from the "ordinary" Caftan.

In other words, it is necessary to avoid resembling one of the guests, the bride must be the Star, the princess of the evening thus this evening we DARE.

Even if the traditions want us to wear 7 dresses, it is better to limit ourselves to 3 to be able to enjoy the evening, a nice Caftan.

caftan negafa

 We also see a lot of Indian clothes, sari style :

sari dress rental

And finally finish on a nice touch of tradition, as here with the mythical outfit chelha (Berber):

berber chelha dress

The negafas also bring some outfits for our gentlemen (below a beautiful Djellaba Man), obviously we don't let them down, they are just as important.

djellaba man

But the men's outfit for a Moroccan groom remains the must-have Jabador

Here you go, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, congratulations...

See you soon

Moroccan wedding

You are Negafa or Ziana feel free to put your contact information in comment 🙂


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