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Abaya Dubai : Fashion made in Emirates

abaya dubai
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Hello to all, today I would like to make you travel a few kilometers from here to meet our sister the Abaya Dubai.

More and more popular, it is revealed in several ways, from sobriety to fantasy.

It is a declination of models that presents itself to us to blend in various occasions ....

For those of you who don't know it, the Abaya is a long garment that is usually worn over another outfit. Most often black in color, it is worn by women in the Middle East (DubaiAbu Dahbi, Emirates in general) and particularly in Saudi Arabia.

Originally the Abaya is a long-sleeved "dress" used by women to hide their curves (it must be admitted that it is a good cover for misery).

This is a very effective outfit because it simply hides what's underneath and is easy to wear.

For a few years we have witnessed a real revolution of this dress that evolves, changes color or shape.

Abaya Mosque

The advantage is that you can wear it as well to go for a small race (for the most sober) as to go to the mosque as for this one.

abaya mosque

Abaya Wedding

Here when they are embellished with rhinestones for a wedding or a special occasion.

abaya strass

abaya wedding

Sometimes a little touch of color is enough to make them look good

dubai fashion week

Abaya Dubai Haute Couture

There are some really sober and classy haute couture abayas, like this collection.

abaya fashion

abaya haute couture

Abaya Dubai Fashion

Or here an Abaya fashion that you will cross at the foot of Burj Khalifa in Dubai... a Chic and Mestour dress 😉

abaya mestour

Not bad this model with Kilt (when the Abaya Burberry lol)

Saudi abaya

What do you think of this abaya caftan ?

abaya caftan

So it's a wave of stylists and fashion shows that invades us, and we love it!

Two stylists specialized Abayas:

  1. Judith Duriez a French woman who transforms the Abaya into a high fashion dress
  2. Amal Murad an Emirati Fashion Designer recently member of the jury of Arwa3 Abaya 2010

And which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments <3


15 Replies to “Abaya Dubai : La mode made in Emirats”

  1. MASS


  2. yamina

    is it possible to place an order?

  3. Ahlam

    Thank you for your comments
    No orders possible for the moment, only a place to share different fashion trends 😉

  4. halima

    why can't i order,i'm looking for a nice abaya for a wedding.thank you

  5. Ahlam


    Sorry but for the moment we do not offer the possibility to buy, you are not the only one to ask me I think about the question to satisfy you at best
    I remain at your disposal in case of questions girls

  6. Sofia

    Where can we find the metal belt style on the last picture?
    Thanks a lot

  7. Ahlam

    Salam Sofia,

    This kind of belts are made to order in Morocco, I also made an article on belts if you want to look at it, see you soon

  8. salma

    salem w aleykom Ahlam, I wanted to ask you where we can order abayas of this style and in large quantities? Thank you in advance

  9. ghita

    salem w aleykom I wanted to ask a service I can talk with a proficenal in the field of caftan mercy

  10. Ahlam

    Salam ghita, tell me, what is this about?

  11. Samira

    I am looking for abaya veil supplier...basically products from Dubai...

  12. Nadia


    Can you tell me who I should contact to get in touch with a supplier for Abaya please?

  13. chebli

    Can you give me your address to contact you?

  14. bouchra


    I am interested in the burberry abaya if anyone can show me who I should contact to get in touch with a supplier please!

  15. Megari

    Hello, I am in Dubai and I have only 3 days left. Only 3 days, and I would like to know where to sell the a3baya chic and class can you send me an address to go please thank you

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