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Caftan Wedding: the most beautiful day of my life

Moroccan wedding caftan
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Salam to all, today we are going to talk about: THE subject: THE Wedding

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Sissi, it is true that since our childhood we grow up in an environment that lulls us into dreams full of rhinestones and sequins ....

And yes the famous D-day that 99.9% of the girls wait with impatience throughout their life... to become the star of a night and of course, to shine of thousand fires, go we throw ourselves in the whirlwind of the life and we want to be the prettiest 😀


Moroccan wedding


Well I know you have all recognized "Moundir" at his wedding but we must admit that his wife has a sublissime Caftan.

And yes we say it, the day of our wedding, we are all princesses and we must show it!

Some have already experienced it, others ( like me 🙄 ) are still waiting for it... What is sure is that it is one of the most important events of our life and we want everything to be perfect.

So, after a colorful engagement, and months of preparation, between invitations, wedding favors and set pieces, it's time for the ceremony...

This evening, it is your evening, and all the objectives are pointed out to you, as the tradition wants, the bride wears 7 dresses, but it can be less, sometimes more (even if it seems a lot).

In general, there are a few in colors carefully chosen by this one, it is a bit the moment to show its tastes and its identity, to surprise the guests, because those to come are "imposed".

So obviously we can not miss the inevitable red fart ...


Takchita red wedding


For those who like simplicity, you do not have to go in this direction, you can opt for cooler colors but still very pretty, classy, for my part I find this yellow Caftan very elegant.


yellow caftan


It must be said that it is also the time or never to indulge and go to Caftans with long lines, that we could not wear at any occasion, go for it now!


Caftan with train


Yes but you have to enjoy your evening, and try to put on an outfit that will not hinder you to walk the floor and do some dance steps, so why not opt for this Caftan both practical and very original "Sesame open you".


Algerian Caftan


Then we can not miss one or two traditional dresses, depending on the region, they may vary but it is true that there are two unavoidable such as the "Chelha" (original version)


Princess wedding


Or the Fessia as much to warn you right away, it is a very difficult outfit to wear, a bit like a house over the head, but well as the baccalaureate or the license: it is a must.


marriage fessi


Finally all that is "Extras" because the most important is of course: the mythical white dress, this one is proposed in rent at Caftan d'un Soir


wedding gown


And there, we find it under all the seams it is the case to say it, it is the moment to be a real princess, including the finery.


caftan wedding


Version Meriem BelkhayatWhite, a little touch of color and always this metallic belt that enhances the outfit in the blink of an eye.


white caftan


Or more offbeat: Don't ask me what's on her head, but I think it's cool.


takchita wedding


The Caftan can also be inspired by the literal wedding dresses, like this one: a perfect mix between tradition and modernity.


wedding dress


Finally, we must not forget to highlight one of the most noble materials that are found in the bride in general: the lace

As this Takchita Wedding proposed on the site


takchita lace


Here are my caftanistas, I hope to have brought a little happiness, congratulations to those who have already passed the course and good luck to others ...

See you soon XOXO


7 Replies to “Caftan Mariage : le plus beau jour de ma vie”

  1. tam

    C very beautiful jmrai the mm for my marriage cmt fr for order jsui ds dom

  2. sassie06

    Can I wear a djallaba with a hood in the evening? I really hesitate and yet it is beautiful, can I also put a belt on or not. Thank you for answering me because the party is approaching

  3. Amine

    I love it!

    If each outfit has its own style, all are splendid! They knew how to make the caftan of marriage modern while respecting the traditions.

    Great article, I'm reTweeting!

  4. Amina

    Salam aleykoum,
    Great article! and thank you for sharing these beautiful caftan!

  5. NEJJ

    I'm getting married in the summer and I wanted to know where I could buy the magazine l'officiel 2015 in France????
    Thank you.

  6. bressan

    how to make a rental

  7. Amezrar

    Good evening, I wish to rent one of your caftans, cordially

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