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Takchita or Caftan what is the difference

takchita caftan
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Hi girls, regarding women's fashion, it must be said that there is a large choice of different pieces that develops, travels in time and customizes as desired! It's enough to get lost in fact...

A question that often comes up and which we will try to answer here is: What is the difference between the Caftan and the Takchita ?

The first thing that comes to mind is that the Caftan is composed of only one piece while the Takchita is composed of at least two.

If we retrace the history of the Moroccan Caftan

Takchita Fes

The Caftan is an outfit that comes from ancient Persia, at the base it is an outfit that was worn by men (yes! I was surprised too) but one thing leading to another and through its travels it develops, becomes feminine and becomes a very elegant outfit worn by women.

Moroccan caftan

As a result, we are witnessing the emergence of many events that take place mostly in Morocco and honor this masterpiece, one of the most prestigious events is the event "Caftan" which will have its 17th edition this year with Caftan 2013.

But when we look a little more into the etymology of the Caftan can we really say that it is a traditional Moroccan piece, knowing that it is worn in most Maghreb countries nowadays?

Moroccan dress

I couldn't answer that ... But one thing is for sure: the Takchita she is 100% Moroccan!

takchita kaftan

Indeed the Takchita can be considered as a derivative of the Caftan but exclusively revisited by Moroccan designers.

The story tells us that it is the Sultan Ahmed Mansour Eddhabi who is at the origin of this version, and yes still a man who revolutionizes a feminine dress: Ahmad al-Mansour that we nickname Ad-Dhahbî ("the golden one" in Arabic) is the sixth sultan of the Saadian dynasty, in Morocco. He is the one who introduced the idea of superimposing a transparent tunic on the caftan which gave life to: the Tackchita.

The tackchita is therefore somewhere a dress born in Morocco and which has allowed the caftan to escape across the world by adopting new forms all in modernity.

red sleeveless takchita

It is most often according to tradition made up of two pieces, the one below which is more commonly called "la tahtiya" a kind of caftan, and "la fouqia/ou dfina" which is the part found above and which is often open and transparent. Note that fouqia and dfina are synonyms of the original word: mansouria.

But it should be noted that nowadays, at the time of creativity and mixtures, it can include two to four or even five pieces.


One of the essential characteristics of this outfit is the belt, because if the caftan can do without it, it is unavoidable for the takchita, both for aesthetic and "technical" issues, the wearers will be able to confirm it 😉 .

Indeed the multitude of layers absolutely requires the wearing of the belt, it can be of various forms, the original and traditional ones are richly worked and called "Mdamma".

For those who wish to give a modern touch, be inspired by the belts I suggest in the article " belts make their show "

Finally, we must not forget that the takchita brings a certain presence, a prestigious dress, it is certainly less comfortable or practical to wear but it gives a certain elegance and it is the flagship dress for a Moroccan bride.

It represents chic and elegance.

takchita wedding

The caftan, even if it declines more and more and evolves with time, is originally an outfit much simpler to wear, a little more in the modernity than the nobility which does not remove all its charm.

Well my dearest readers I think we've done the trick, feel free to leave me comments for any questions or remarks I would have omitted to specify 😆

A small question to close the debate, this one Caftan or Tackchita?

Moroccan kaftan


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  1. Anas

    I choose the takchita directly !!!! Jm also the caftan. They are both classy outfits but the takchita is more imposing, more stylish and more chic !!!!

  2. azlina

    interested to buy/sell the caftan. How?

  3. hani khedim

    I want Algerian caftan

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