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Jabador : Moroccan chic

Moroccan jabador
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Hi "Jabadoristas" I would like to dive a little more with you in one of the traditional dress that is the Moroccan Jabador.

It is composed of two pieces: a top, worked with a sfifa and generally with long sleeves and a matching pant. But we will see together that it can also be declined in three pieces, and to mix with wish!

The set can be made in the same fabric. Halfway between the Djellaba and the suit, the Jabador is a very fashionable Moroccan dress.

It is an excellent alternative between tradition because of the Djellaba and modernity thanks to its pants.

It comes in several models for men, women and children. What's great about the jabador is that you can not only use it for a big occasion that for a simple evening with girlfriends, a religious party or even for a Friday at the mosque 😆

The fact that it is composed of two pieces makes the outfit more comfortable to wear. We do not find the same constraints as when we wear a Caftan, a dress or worse a Takchita.

It is for all these good reasons that it is all the rage, it develops and embarks us in its journey. As a result, a multitude of styles, colors and patterns are available to us to satisfy everyone.

For once, let's go to the men's side. It is true that in general, these gentlemen have much less choice than us in terms of clothing, here it must be said that they have a panoply of Jabadors at their disposal more or less chic and colorful.

Jabador Man

We start here with a white three-piece Jabador Homme ideal for a wedding ceremony that you will find in the online store

jabador man

It can also be composed only of two pieces with a top more or less long, this one is inspired by the Indian tradition

Indian jabador


There are other models that are a bit more casual and could be suitable for everyday outings.

My readers will surely have noticed that I am quite taken with the mix of oriental and western fashion, and one of the most effective ways to honor this style is to mix the outfits and it is a very easy thing to apply with the jabador.

Yes! just take the top of the Jabador and wear it with jeans or pants that recalls the color, example with this young man :

Moroccan jabador

Nice, isn't it?

Coming back to the wedding, look how a simple fabric tuned to a golden sfifa can give life to a Jabador thanks to which, after necklaces, crowns or earrings, you will have a matching Husband 😉 Beautiful isn't it?

jabador wedding


Jabador Woman

Well enough about the boys we have to get back to the serious stuff! OUR OUTFITS GIRLS <3

So there, in Jabador Woman, necessarily we have the choice.

There are versions of classy jabador that can be worn at home to welcome guests for example:

jabador morocco

jabador girl

To the most stylish ( my favorite )

Moroccan jabador


Sometimes you only need to wear the jacket to "orientalize" your outfit, perfect execution of the style mix with the photo below... I say: Bravo!

jabador velvet woman


Or to finish, this model I found a very Ali baba model that will allow you to play Jasmines for a night 😆

jabador woman white


So much for this traditional Moroccan outfit, I hope to have accomplished my mission because I must say that the Jabador... I love it!

See you soon!

20 Replies to “Jabador : Le chic à la marocaine”


    I love your blog so much!!! i follow you on facebook 😉 and it gives me ideas !!!! they are so classy!!!

    1. Ahlam

      Salam Souihi, I am very pleased. Do not hesitate if you have any questions or suggestions

  2. Hicham

    Very good article. However, it's a pity that we can't have the creator of the jabador presented, especially the white 3-piece with long jacket that I love too much!

    1. Ahlam

      Good evening Hicham,
      Thank you for the compliment I take note of your remarks 😉
      Regarding the white 3-piece Jabador, it is signed Najia Abadi and was presented at the 2012 Fashion Days Morocco in Marrakech.
      I hope I have met your expectations ....

  3. Hanaa

    I love the second to last picture! Beautiful simple oriental outfit and classy!

  4. Meryam

    Could you tell me where I could find the second last outfit?

  5. nemri

    Good morning,

    can you tell me where to find the jacket on the penultimate picture or who is the designer of this model.
    Thank you

  6. Ahlam

    The jacket is signed Najia Abadi, would you like to buy a similar jacket?

    1. Dounia

      Good evening,
      yes I would like to buy a jacket like this one: where can I find it?

  7. Dounia

    Good evening,
    I discover this blog and am amazed!
    I would also like to know where to find a similar jacket (second last picture).
    Thank you

  8. Majda

    Not bad the outfits.
    Where can we get the black jacket (before last picture).
    Thank you.

  9. Ayya

    The outfits are all beautiful, I'm looking for one or 2 white caftans/takchita and one of color for a wedding. Where can we buy quality ones in France?
    Thank you very much and good luck.

  10. amber

    is it possible to order? and how to proceed? thank you

  11. ali

    hi is it possible to order jabador blan number 2 please and thank you bq for your answer

  12. farid

    Slm I would like to get the jababor man white 3 pieces of the first photo tell me where to find it please I had a crush thank you

  13. Brunel

    Good evening

    I would like to know the price and how to order the white 3 piece jabador for men.
    Thank you in advance for your answer

  14. akossou

    I need to get fabrics for men by asking first his price

  15. Nadir

    Hello I would like to urgently jabador man 3 piece white please it is urgent answer for my wedding

  16. seif

    please i want to know the price of the 3rd photo white jabador for man indian tradition
    and how I can order this product. I am from Tunisia

    please call me back in the shortest possible time!!!

  17. Youssef

    Bjr can you contact me about the white jabador please cordially

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