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Making my caftan: The final step!

caftan sewing
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Salam to all we continue our journey with the final phase, the creation in the literal sense.
Here we go! After having taken our measurements, chosen the fabrics and imagined the dress of our dreams we can finally assemble the pieces and admire the final masterpiece....

Go we launch into this last step which is the most important because we have to choose the most beautiful materials, if the sewing of the dress is not up to the nobility of fabrics... It is not won...

For my part, I did not want to go too extravagantly: A small creative touch is sometimes enough to give life to a caftan.

To begin, I decided to position the fabrics as follows:

Velvet for the top, duchess satin for the bottom, and metallic silk will sublimate the piece discreetly under the duchess satin as if to create a kind of lining that, when it appears at the bend of a step, will bring the pep that I was looking for for this outfit (you see the trick)

It is often said that "clothes don't make the man", yet it is often what determines the first impression that we make of a person, the very image that we give off very often comes from his clothing style.

For me, your creation must correspond to you, discreet, classy, or extravagant, provided of course to respect some fashion rules to avoid looking like an UFO....

The idea is to master your look and make sure to mix styles but respect the prescribed doses to avoid taste indigestion!

If you choose a simple caftan, be sure to add a few touches that will enhance it, a belt that's a little out of placea pattern that can be added to the fabric....


Add Rhinestones

One of the tricks that I literally fall for and that we also see more and more on our western wardrobe is the "big rhinestones".

Of all colors and different shapes they have the gift to illuminate a room in the blink of an eye.


If now you like extravagance and you are a "lady gaga" of the desert, avoid doing too much, it is necessary to know how to measure and not to leave in an inevitable fault of taste when one starts to leave in all the directions.

I'm the first to like things a little out of the ordinary, but you have to know how to control them, so we avoid XXL shoulder pads combined with flashy colors and a studded belt ...

So to get back to the creation of my caftanThe idea this time was to create an original but classy caftan, which does not go unnoticed ... but remains in the discretion.

Choice of sfifa

Once the fabrics and colors are chosen, we must find the color that will be assigned to the sfifa (silk thread made from silk) and which will adorn our caftan.

To help bring out the colors, I chose a silver type sfifa that goes perfectly with the navy blue and green.


As for the belt, I chose to bring a touch of modernity by using a jeans-type belt.

Choice of embroidery

Finally, as we discovered during the last Caftan fashion shows, embroidery are honored and bring cachet to the creations.

As the caftan will be mainly made with noble colors, I chose to bring pink embroideries, flowers for a totally girly touch!


Attention to detail and perfectionism are often what make the difference, the little things that make the whole.

It is in this spirit that some patterns will be repeated on the top of the dress in the tones of the sfifa (silver).

There you go, you've seen the dress of your dreams, the hardest part now is to make your Khiyate (dressmaker) understand it at the end of the street.

And unfortunately the problem with them.... is to make them understand your expectations, we often have "yes yes I understood don't worry benti" but in the end we have every reason to be worried!

So a little advice for those with a supple wrist and a Karl Lagerfeld soul, try to make a drawing.

For the others, bring a maximum of details (photo etc...)

Well on these beautiful words, I announce you that I have a small gift for you and yes following these different steps and after having passed to my favorite seamstress I am happy to present you .... The final result !

caftan gift

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  1. Linda

    Just a last message! I just had a look at your "about" section and you say that you are from Metz, that you are 24 years old and in finance.

    Soubhannalah I'm 24 years old too, I'm from Longwy but I've been in Paris for 3 years and I'm also in finance! So I think it's great to have a job that's very busy and to take the time for your passion! That's what I'm doing right now too, so if you want to talk about it you can answer me on my email address.

    With kind regards,


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