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Step 2 : The choice of fabrics

caftan fabric
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Hi girls, it's time to shop...

So I continue with you by starting the second step: the choice of fabrics.

We have all been walked by our mothers through the markets and other souks in search of fabrics for the creation of their dress or djellaba to send to Fatna the local seamstress ...

For the creation of my caftan I chose three noble fabrics:

Fabric 1: A velvet night blue

velvet fabric

You have surely all noticed that velvet is the IN fabric par excellence.

It is a sumptuous fabric, characterized by threads cut at an equal height.

It comes in an infinite number of colors, each more beautiful than the next! The velvet is in fact, the shaved part of a fur.

Invented thanks to its cousin Cashmere which is by the way the material that we find in force in our stores for a few months, it is soft and knows how to sublimate us, it is not to displease our sublime skin that it is nicknamed "swan down" 😉

Fabric 2: A Duchess Satin apple green

duchess satin

There are several types of satin, they are fabrics with a shiny appearance because the warp thread passes over several weft threads and the intersection points are not very visible.

One of my favorites is Silk Duchess Satin, it is 3 times thicker than regular silk satin.

Luxurious fabric, it is composed only of silk.

The duchess satin is a smooth fabric with the TENSION IN MORE i.e. that its behaviour is stiff (as we say at home "Ouakaf") while the classic silk satin like Valentino or crepe is fluid and falling.

Fabric 3: A Valentino Satin shiny metallic style

valentino satin

Silk is a textile fiber of animal origin produced by many insects, spiders and caterpillars of some butterflies (it still makes you want to? lol).

As with leather, it is easy to recognize silk. You just have to ignite a thread of fabric, if it is pure silk, it will burn for a few millimeters and then extinguish by making a small ball of coal with a burned horn (be careful not to burn your French manicure girls).

I chose this fabric with a little metallic color to give pep to my caftan!

These three fabrics are quite easy to find: markets, specialty stores... I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for and for all budgets!

What do you think about it? Let me know your opinions and comments 🙂 see you soon for the next Step, and don't hesitate to share...


13 Replies to “Etape 2 : Le choix des tissus”

  1. samia

    Then the satin effect metallized that it is top the number 3 😉

  2. Ahlam

    Hi Samia,

    It's my favorite too

  3. loubna

    the velvet is my favorite, how much is it?

  4. naima

    Where did you find this beautiful fabric?

  5. Daniel

    Good morning,
    can you tell me an online shop that sells high quality gandouras for men?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. sadmin

      Hi Daniel,

      I advise you

  6. Ahlam

    Hi Naima

    You can find these fabrics in all kinds of places, specialized stores, markets
    You should not hesitate to mix materials 😉

  7. Sara

    Hello Ahlam,

    I wanted to congratulate you for your great blog! frankly it's a good job done with taste.
    Being an experienced blogger, I would love to have a little help with my outfit, well I'm currently looking for a modern stylist like Kacem Sahl or another..preferably in Casablanca, I can imagine that there are other more talented designers's just that I don't have the right addresses, so if you'd like to help me...that would be great! Thank you in advance.


  8. Ahlam

    Dear Sara,

    First of all I thank you for this comment which goes straight to my heart, it is with great pleasure if you need help but tell me what is your budget and what types of dresses you are looking for exactly? Do you have an idea, do you want ready to wear or do you want to create your dress directly? That makes a lot of questions 😉 friendly, Ahlam

  9. Linda

    Hello Ahlam,

    First of all, your blog is great!
    I would also need help, I am looking for a stylist preferably on Marrakech in the style of Samira Mhaidi Kouzni.

    I love the mix of fabrics, sometimes there are materials and patterns that you would never imagine together and yet the final result is beautiful.

    And to tell you the truth, I'm in the process of setting up a project to rent high-end caftans and when I say high-end, I'm talking about the real high-end because unfortunately, a lot of people say they are "luxury" but their models are not up to par. At the moment I sleep caftan I eat caftan, I work and I think about caftans!

    You seem to know a lot about this so if you could help me out a little I would be very grateful!

    Thank you in advance,


  10. Marie

    Hello, I am also looking for a fashion designer on the region of Oujda or Nador.

    thank you in advance.

  11. Hanan

    Hello, I would like to buy fabrics for djellaba, but I do not know what to choose... I prefer light fabrics and it will be for the summer.. If you can give me some names..Thanks!

  12. Hanane

    Hello Ahlam, first of all thank you for your blog, source of very interesting information on the Moroccan caftan. For my part I would like to make a takchita and I have to present the fabric to the khayate but being a novice in this field I do not know what to choose, here is what I propose:
    - color : water green (pastel trend 2017)
    - the fabric : the bottom = silk satin and the top = silk muslin, both of the same color (fluid fabric trend of this year)
    What do you think? Do you also have addresses of sites that sell quality fabrics at affordable prices?
    Thanking you

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