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Create your caftan : The first steps

create caftan
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Hi girls, there's nothing better for a fashion savvy woman than to put her own design into shape...

That is why we will follow together, step by step, how to create a caftan.

I will write and make available to you several articles week after week to guide you to make the ideal caftan and to your taste of course.

First of all, it is very important for a perfect finish to take your measurements carefully, which is why I will provide you with a manual that will guide you during this first decisive step.

Now is the time to let your imagination run wild. Take a look at our Mode to get inspired by the latest trends ...

I have an idea...! And if I lend myself to the game for you, it's an opportunity for me to share the evolution of my new creation.

Let's go!

If the mixture of colors dominates on the Western catwalks, it is the mixture of fabrics that our new Maghrebian designers make us discover!

There are many precious fabrics, we will present the most prestigious, most elegant, most noble and best known through the latest trends in a future article.

The choice of fabric is very important, it is necessary to know how to choose it according to the seasons, the trends and to determine the role of this one for the dress.

Every self-respecting fashionista knows the 3-color code (never more than 3 different colors for an outfit). I chose the same method for create my caftan including 3 types of fabrics...

But that we'll see in more detail in my next article 😉

Your new blogger, Ahlam.

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  1. bakkari

    salam I wish to know the price of the caftans I would like a sure measure

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