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Gandoura Moroccan its new look we like!

Moroccan gandoura woman
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We all have a Gandoura that hangs in our closet ... I know it reminds us of hot afternoons doing nothing during our vacations in the desert ... but this beautiful piece is gradually losing its "HIT Dress" side of "No Life" and becomes The Moroccan dress to absolutely hold at home ...

First of all, I'd like to thank you, my readers, for your loyalty and support, your comments make me feel good.... and for those who join us and land in the brotherhood, Welcome...

Well, let's get back to our sheep .... uhh to our Gandouras, for those who do not know, the Gandoura Woman it is a long tunic with short sleeves and without hood of Berber origin, and worn in Morocco and Algeria.

It is a bit of a cousin of our beloved Abaya, an outfit worn in Middle Eastern countries.

But it must be said that the Abaya has quickly created an identity, and we can wear it as easily in everyday life as for an event or a special occasion.


Unfortunately, the Gandoura is still stuck in a "pyjama" cliché: it is an outfit that is put on quickly, to sleep in, to hang out at home, or at best to go out on an errand at the local hanout (grocery store).

But the Moroccan Gandoura is revolutionizing and coming back to make the show ... And I promise you that after reading this article you will not have the same vision of things!

In its revolutionary momentum and its dazzling emancipation the Gandoura arouses the interest of our greatest designers of Caftan, including Meryem Belkhayat who made us discover a wonderful collection:

In Leopard mode:

 gandoura leopard


Highly colorful for a magical summer:

gandoura colors

Pastel for everyday life:

gandoura haute couture

Two-tone for a little fashionista touch

gandoura meriem belkhayat

Black and White to stay on trend

black and white gandoura

Elegant for a ceremony or special occasion:

wedding gandoura

And I go on... of course, otherwise I'll never finish

Other stylists also lent themselves to the game like Hanane Bennani of which you will find a magnificent collection on his site.

hanane bennani



Finally, you will have understood, the Gandoura has taken a new flight and has nothing to envy to the Abaya, it is also suitable for a coffee with friends

gandoura girlfriend

That to show off on a terrace of coffee (yes we do it)

classy gandoura

Or for a special occasion with nice accessories

gandoura big occasion

Or even during a trip to the beach

gandoura beach

She has definitely made the front page of magazines:

gandoura magazine

And will easily find a place in the dressing room of young trendy girls

gandoura fashion

What is appreciable is that it is declined with all the sauces but especially knows how to adapt to the taste of the day

flowered gandoura

gandoura fashion

Yes, the Gandoura is not what it used to be, so let's bring back to life this beautiful dress, the emblem of our beautiful Maghreb and you too: Adopt the "Gandoura Attitude

Well girls, I don't know about you but all these Gandouras made my head spin ....

Don't hesitate to take a seat 😉

green gandoura

While waiting for your opinions I say to you very quickly on the Gandoura store

[konte_product_carousel limit="10″ columns="3″ category="gandoura-femme " autoplay="4000″ loop="yes "]

PS: For those of you who are looking for a beautiful gandoura for her husband or her father, I advise you to visit the online store and its category Gandoura Man.


18 Replies to “Gandoura Marocaine son nouveau look on aime !”

  1. Anas

    Salam Ahlem,
    It is true that it is more for the house but the new generation gandouras are too stylish !!!!
    The purple gandoura with the diamond collar and sleeves is super beautiful!!! I want it!!!
    Thank you for this article!

  2. À

    How do we go about buying

  3. sabrina

    salam, how can we buy gandoura please?? because I am very very interested!!!

  4. Ahlam

    Hi Anas, thanks for this nice comment 😉

  5. Ahlam

    Not possible to buy at the moment sorry 😉

  6. Manal

    How do I buy them? I need them...thank you

  7. dupuy

    how to buy gandouras ?

  8. laila

    salam alikoum it's really sad not to be able to buy this beautiful gandouras

  9. cha

    how much fabric do you need to make a gandoura?

  10. amina


    I am interested in several of these styles and would like to know how to go about purchasing.

    Thank you

  11. Boubou

    Is it possible to order ? Thank you for your feedback.

    1. Ahlam

      Unfortunately not yet possible, we are in the middle of preparing an online store, a few more months of patience incha'Allah

      1. koky

        Can you tell us when the online store will be ready?

      2. malek

        salam, and when can we start ordering on this site please?

  12. oum zeyneb

    salam alaykoum

    very pretty gandouras! I see that it is all models butterfly almost, the precious fabric makes the charm, veil or printed satin, but personally I would not put an inordinate price for a gandoura of house, I find of them very pretty to the souk even if ok the fabric is not also precious but of pretty printed are made all the same: panther, flowery etc...for maximum 1000 DINARS (because I will not invest more) moreover the girls wear more a djelleba or abaya to go out, I rarely see the lines go out in gandoura here (it is daring).
    On the other hand for an Aid or a party ok it does it for me !

  13. Michel

    where to buy and at what price these beautiful gandouras

  14. faty

    beautiful models I want them all thank you farrahtouni bezaf

  15. warda rabhi

    how to buy, I live in Algeria and bravo for the models.

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