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Caftan 2013 in Marrakech: Women of Legend

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 caftan 2013

Almost 17 years ago, the magazine Femmes du Maroc launched the Caftan event, which has since become a major event in Moroccan and Arab Haute Couture fashion.

Combining beauty, glamour, tradition and modernity, Caftan 2013 represents well the image of a Morocco in full expansion.

We are therefore witnessing a real revolution of this traditional dress...

Each year there is a different theme to allow the best stylists and young talents to present their most beautiful creations.

Caftan 2013 is back again this year with a new theme that looks promising!

Yes, girls, ladies, if I tell you .... Marie Antoinette, Nefertiti, Marilyn Monroe?

Or our dear Oum Keltoum?

It is women who are honored for this year 2013 and more particularly women who have made history.

You will have understood that this 17th edition of Caftan will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2013 at the Palais des Congrès of MarrakechIt will be dedicated to those whose name has become a legend...

This promises a journey through time and civilizations without precedent ... For my part I look forward to it!

A call to young designers has already been made in the magazine Femmes du Maroc :


caftan 2013 call to designers

caftan 2013 women of legend


For those who wish to attend it is at the Palais des congrès avenue Mohammed IV in Marrakech, I made a request for information to Women of Morocco, I will keep you informed.

For the others reassure you, you can follow the fashion show caftan 2013 on the TV channel 2M which will broadcast the parade at 20H Moroccan time, that is to say 19H at home 😉


caftan 2013


Yes, it was several months that we were waiting for it, the Caftan 2013 fashion show is finally here! After a few hours of waiting due to the time difference :

We are there ... and to put us full the sight we had full the sight!

Certainly the parade was colorful full of rhinestones and sequins, some made us dream, others drift ...

So yes we saw beautiful things and we will come back to it but seriously in the space of a few seconds I wondered if I was not mistaken of TV channel, it is the Gaultier show or what?

Since when mini skirt rhymes with Caftan?

Let it be said, I am an unconditional fan of fashion, I love French haute couture, but we must put things in context...

So yes to the innovation but no to the derision and the Caftan skirt and waders ...



caftan mini skirt


Personally, I find it almost vulgar... and not very "caftanically correct".

Like every year Caftan 2013 has defined a theme for its fashion show, and this year it is the "Women of legends" who were honored, for those who did not know, the goal was to draw inspiration from Nefertiti, Marie Antoinette, Oum Kalthoum, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo or Coco Chanel, for the creation of Caftans.

The problem is that the more time goes by, the more the Caftan ... has nothing more of a Caftan


caftan dress


caftan nabil dahani


We saw some very pretty dresses, but was it too hot in the room to allow 90cm slits?


caftan slit 90


Originally the Caftan is a traditional outfit worn by the Moroccan woman to sublimate her while embodying elegance and class, and it is important to keep this authentic side that represents the image of our cultural heritage.

And it is this image, this traditional side that has succeeded in exporting this magnificent piece to the four corners of the world.

One of the people who wears it wonderfully and has contributed to its rebirth is Princess Lalla Salma, who has been elected several times the most elegant personality at various international events:


lala salma in caftan


princess lalla salma


Unfortunately this year some designers have deviated from these rules, but what is left of this respect and tradition if our Caftan is so revisited?


caftan Romeo


I am for the modernization of the Caftan, but some knew how to master it more than others ... these beautiful Caftans signed Baroque Mohamed Lakhdar for example:


caftan mohamed lakhdar


white baroque caftan


caftan mohammed lakhdar


Or the magnificent collection of Meriem Belkhayatwhich represents perfectly well the modernization of the Caftan while respecting the traditional codes of this piece.


meriem belkhayat 2013


caftan 2013 meriem


The collection of Fouzia Naciri is very representative of the Caftan tradition.


caftan fouzia naciri


Abdelhanine Raouh has once again bluffed us with his creations full of style while respecting the Caftan in all its splendor.


caftan abdelhanine raouh


abdelhanine raouh


This year the woman was honored and for my part I think that these Caftans should have represented the woman in all its splendor, its grace and refinement, but what image of the woman we want to give with creations so little ... courteous?

Finally, despite everything we hope that this group of stylists selected on the shutter and very talented will continue to make us dream while respecting our traditional Caftan which loses little by little its charm by these thousand and one innovations...

If you want to wear a dress or mini shorts, there are already enough international stylists for that ...

I hope to have your opinions on the matter

See you soon... 😉


12 Replies to “Caftan 2013 à Marrakech : Femmes de Légende”

  1. Rachida

    Salam, I believe that the model on the poster Caftan 2013 that represents Nefertiti is Ibtissam Ittouchane, we see her everywhere at the moment...

  2. Ahlam

    Salam Rachida and sorry for the delay...

    Yes it's her, she also did an ad for Coeur de lait.

  3. Kardouh

    I would like to get the 2010 and 2011 caftan catalogs. Is there any way? Thank you

  4. Sarah

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a replay of the festival somewhere or videos. Thanks 🙂

  5. Ahlam

    Good evening Sarah,
    It is planned that the parade will be broadcast on May 7 on 2M
    We may take full eyes 😉

  6. Ahlam

    Salam Kardouh,
    If you really want the catalog, I saw the 2012 still in the booths of some hanouts in Morocco lol
    More seriously, unless you ask "Women of Morocco" you will certainly not find them
    You can go directly to their site they have a section "Caftan" with a photo gallery and a history of previous events

  7. sarah

    The female models who parade are all Moroccan or there are foreigners from other countries who parade?

  8. siham

    hello if I want to do modeling how can I do it !!!!

  9. Bey

    Good evening, I am looking for a set half Moroccan and at the same time orientalized a little like the black jacket half long and a tunic set quite classy with long pants and right (jabador) and if possible in the golden or silver tones thank you for communicating me an email address or other (all this obviously for an evening) Thank you,

  10. Ahlam

    Salam Sarah,

    There are models of all kinds of origins in the parade not that Moroccan 😉

  11. Ahlam


    If you want to do modeling you could apply to Elite Model Look Morocco, I think I have an address if you are interested?

  12. Ahlam

    Salam Bey,

    I'll send you an email address, just to avoid advertising 😉

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